College Stress Relief: Free E-Book For College Students And High School Seniors

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Hello and welcome to the official website of the College Stress Relief  free downloadable e-book (no email or registration required).

This book is dedicated to one main goal–helping college students learn how to prevent or eliminate stress from their lives  BEFORE they graduate!

My name is Mort (Doc) Orman, M.D. and I am an Internal Medicine physician, author, stress coach, and Founder of the Stress Mastery Academy.

Every year since 1992, my non-profit health education organization, The Health Resource Network, Inc., has sponsored National Stress Awareness Month (April 1-30).  In conjunction with this event, on April 2, 2012, I released this very special E-book that continues to be available, free of charge, to any college student or high school senior in America, or around the world, who wants to gain a new perspective on what stress really is, what causes it to occur for human beings, and what the best coping strategies are for achieving life-long stress relief.

Download Complete E-Book Immediately  No Registration Required

PEEK INSIDE (Table Of Contents And Introduction Only–11 Pages)

You are welcome to duplicate this PDF E-book and pass it on to other college students, as long as you do not alter its contents in any way and as long as you share it for free.

This site will remain in existence permanently, so that college students will always have access to this valuable stress relief information.

Please come back to this site, once you have downloaded and read the E-book, and let other college students know what you think of it.  Also, please let others know if it changed your thinking about stress in a major way, and how much of a difference you think this will make to your ability to cope with stress for the rest of your life.

I know you are busy and that exams, of one sort or another, are always on the horizon.  But it will be well worth your while to download and read this book (it has big print, lots of white space, and it reads very fast).  You won’t be sorry you did.

If you want to test your current stress IQ before you read this book, just click here or go to the “What’s Your Stress IQ” tab above.

Here’s wishing you much health, happiness, and future success in your life,

Mort (Doc) Orman, M.D.

  • Pauline

    This ebook sounds like it could benefit my daughter while she is completing her masters degree program this year. I’ll pass your link along.

  • janelle

    Do you send out copies of these? Is there a way I can request some for my University??